Since this is your first time wearing lenses, you will probably notice you will have a little bit more peripheral vision. While you might be thrilled and excited about wearing lenses, close on its heels is fear. As contact lenses are modern medical devices that have the power to compromise one majorly valued sense.

To help you ease into this new way of looking at life, we present you five tips for new contact lens wearers:

1. Keep Your Lenses Clean By Washing Them Daily

When cleaning lenses, never take shortcuts like if you just came from a party and are taking out your lenses then follow the below instructions:

  • Clean the lenses with the multipurpose solution
  • Empty the lens case of its old solution and wipe it with a tissue
  • Fill it with new solution and then place the lenses inside

Contact Lens Wearers

What most people do is they don’t wash the lenses and on top of that, add more solution to the old solution. This can cause bacteria to buildup around the edges of the lenses. Finally, make sure to replace the lens case after every three months.

2. Hydrate If You Work a Lot

If most of your time is spent on the computer or you constantly travel due to your job, then you need to hydrate your eyes. Rewetting drops will do the trick but visit a optical store in Toronto first to consult about this and to find out which eye drop is compatible with the lenses you are wearing.

3. Do Not Wear Your Lenses for Longer than Necessary

When at home, it is better to use your prescription glasses. Do not use your lenses all the time and remember to throw them out at the right time, as advised by your doctor. Give your eyes a minimum of 1 day a week of no contact lenses.

4. Do Not Ignore Any Discomfort in Your Eyes

Ignore Any Discomfort in Your Eyes

If you feel that your lenses are scratching against your cornea then take them out immediately. There might be some cuts or abrasions on the lenses that are causing the discomfort. Hydrate your eyes immediately with rewetting drops and take the lenses to your doctor for inspection. This brings us to our last tip:

5. Keep Your Glasses on You at All Times

If you feel any kind of discomfort when wearing lenses or you know you will be working too long at the office, then make sure that you have your eye glasses with you. Lenses should be worn 8 to 10 hours max daily but if you want to give your eyes a rest, take them out after 5 hours. Don’t forget to clean them properly before putting them back in.

The most important thing to remember before putting on and removing lenses is that wash your hands every time. Head on over to 312 Optical Studio and find yourself a great pair of contact lenses in Toronto.