Despite the emergence of contact lenses, eyeglasses still have a major chunk of the eyewear market. As the occurrence of myopia (short-sightedness) increases, the sales of eyeglasses are on a rise.

As new consumers enter the market, it’s important to shed light on the right ways to care for eyeglasses. Eyeglass wearers want their glasses to be clean and crystal clear. Smears, streaks, and fingerprints are annoyances but they can be reduced by ensuring proper lens care.

Despite the anti-scratch coating, your lenses can be damaged if not cleaned properly. Moreover, proper care ensures better and unhindered vision. So how can you take care of your glasses while at home or on the go? Here are some helpful tips!

Rinsing Never Hurt Anybody

Contrary to popular belief, rinsing your glasses with water doesn’t degrade the lens. Rinsing is the easiest way to get rid of the dirt and dust that accumulates over time. If you wipe or rub your glasses before rinsing them, the abrasive particles might scratch the glasses.

Rinsing removes the dirt particles and makes subsequent wiping safer for your glass lenses.

Use Specified Cleansers Only!

If you’re intent on using a chemical cleanser to clean your glasses, make sure you use only those made specifically to clean lenses. Common household cleaners are a bad idea because they contain ammonia which can tear off any protective coatings on your lenses.

Using specified cleansers and sprays and then wiping with a dry cloth will get the job done.

Consider Air Drying

If you can help it, air drying is a great way to keep dirt and dust from accumulating on your lens. If you can’t put them down and wait for the air to dry the lenses, use a soft and clean cloth to wipe them.

Tissues and Shirts – Not Allowed!

Tissues and Shirts – Not AllowedYou’ve probably heard this before but using tissues or shirt sleeves is not a good idea, no matter how desperate you are. Why is it so harmful, you may wonder, it’s just cloth, after all. Shirt sleeves accumulate dirt that when rubbed against lenses can cause micro-scratches.

These micro-scratches accumulate to impair the lens quality and your vision has to pay the price. Whether, glass or plastic, these scratches can’t be removed. Even if it seems like a small cosmetic defect, these micro-scratches disperse light and irritate the eye.

Store Them Properly

When you’re not wearing your glasses, storing them properly saves you a lot of trouble. Not only are your glasses protected from dirt, dust, or scratches but it also prevents them from bending and breaking.

Store Them Properly

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