There are a lot more pros to getting prescription glasses. They’re useful, affordable, available in a variety of styles and colors, durable and could last you years.

But dang it, you can never wear them while playing your favourite sport. And you’re always wiping them because some phantom keeps pressing their thumb prints on it!

Now, prescription glasses aren’t much of a problem for all people.

But if you simply can’t be bothered with them, an alternative for you is contact lenses. Here, we offer some answers to questions you may have about this vision aid! However it is still important to own a pair of prescription glasses.

Answering Questions about Contact Lenses

1. Are coloured contact lenses the right choice for me?

This totally depends on your choice. But there really is no risk in going for coloured contact lenses as opposed to transparent contact lenses. With many different colours available, you can get any colour available, though it might do well to make sure they suit your skin tone and don’t seem too artificial.  The only downfall is there are no toric coloured lenses available.

2. Is the exam for contact lenses the same as that for prescription glasses?

No. Before you get your contact lenses, you’ll be taken in for a comprehensive exam, to make sure your eyes are healthy enough to wear contact lenses. The eye doctor will take proper measurements of the front of your eyes. Then you’ll be given some trial lenses to try on so you can get the best option.

Are contact lenses easy to put on3. Are contact lenses easy to put on?

These are medical devices, so you will need to learn how to put them on and remove them. Your doctor or optician will teach you the correct method of inserting and removing lenses safely. Otherwise improper use of lenses can lead to infection, your lens breakage or corneal scratching.

4. Can I put on makeup when I use lenses?

It is better if you put on your eye makeup after you put your contact lenses in. In some cases, people end up getting a reaction to their makeup when they have contact lenses on. Also, keep your nails trimmed when using lenses otherwise you might actually scratch your cornea.

5. Do I only need to go once to get my contact lens?

Choosing lenses is a lot different than choosing glasses. Your eye shape, dryness and chemistry play a big role. You need a type of lens that would work for you. So no, you cannot go once to get your contact lenses. You’ll have some follow-up visits before you get a pair you like. That being said, some people do get lucky and get the best option the first time around.

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