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What Is Your Vision Worth To You?

What Is Your Vision Worth? Necessities of life cost money. That morning cup of coffee, our weekly trip to the grocery store, the monthly cellphone, internet or cable bill, and even the occasional shopping spree. But somewhere along the way, we’ve forgotten about the necessity of sight. We use our eyes every waking second of [...]

How to Care for your Contact Lenses.

How to Care for your Contacts There are lots of reasons people decide to wear contact lenses. Those who play sports know that glasses can get foggy or in the way. Others just want to change up their look by swapping their eye colour for a new one. There are even people who rely on [...]

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My First Readers: When Your Arms Aren’t Long Enough

My First Reading Glasses: When Your Arms Just Aren’t Long Enough By the time you turn 40, you’ve reached a distinguished point in your life. Consider everything you’ve accomplished thus far—your career, your family, your great group of friends, your sharp mind, your healthy body. But one day, as you’re reading a newspaper, a book [...]

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Back To School Lesson: Snow Blindness 101

SNOW BLINDNESS 101 Ever wonder why it’s actually brighter outside in the wintertime than in the summertime? Or why people who ski or do other outdoor winter sports always wear mirrored sunglasses? This is all due to a phenomenon called photokeratitis, better known as snow blindness. Snow blindness is a painful eye condition that’s caused [...]

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Back to School: What’s the difference between an optician, an optometrist, and an ophthalmologist? The Three Os’ of vision care.

Need a sweet pair of glasses? Visit your local optician. Seeing blurry? Go see an optometrist. Your doctor tells you to check out an eye problem? Get referred to an ophthalmologist. Why do your eyes need three different experts? Read on! Ophthalmologists An ophthalmologist is a straight up eye doctor. That’s right, these people all [...]

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