Part III: Customer Service. Real is the Best Deal.

It’s time to conclude our highly controversial Blog Series on why you shouldn’t purchase your prescription eyewear online. In Part I, we talked about the benefits of trying on your frames compared to virtual wear. In Part II, we learned about the ill affects of poor fitted lenses, improper prescriptions and incorrect measurements. Now, in Part III, it’s time to discuss customer service…or lack of it.

Whether your experience is in person, by phone or even by email, great customer service begins with your very first encounter with any business. First impressions are extremely important — they determine your comfort level and give you a sense of the type of people and quality of business you’re dealing with.

When you order glasses online, your first impression is nothing more than words and pictures on a screen. Chances are you won’t have to contact a real person unless all hell breaks loose. Imagine receiving your new pair of glasses in the mail only to discover that you can’t see out of them, can’t wear them without getting a severe headache, or just can’t stand the way they look on your face. You scan the ridiculously lengthy customer care policy and contact your online retailer. The problem? Great customer service simply doesn’t exist in the online world.

On the retail side, however, customer service doesn’t end with a great first impression. By providing you with advice and assistance in choosing the right frame, your optician is your customer service specialist. She knows that the frame should not only look great, but should also properly fit your head, bridge and prescription. This insight will give you the look you love combined with the right fit, so you’ll get the best visual appearance and performance.

After you’ve chosen your frames, your customer service rep in the real world will help you choose your lenses. Lens selection is in fact the most crucial part of buying prescription eyewear, so having an eye care professional describe your lens choices and educate you on modern technological advances in design and coatings really makes all the difference.

So the next time you’re thinking about buying your prescription eyewear online, make sure you’re taken care of. Because when proper customer care is in place, there’s always less of a chance you’ll experience buyer’s remorse.